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Welcome to the website of Blue Divers

Colourful and inviting... Somewhere in the Caribbean lies a small, quiet and peaceful island where time seems to stand still. You will find beautiful nature and everything you can wish for as a diver in this "Divers Paradise"

Blue Divers, located in the centre of Bonaire, with most dive sites within easy reach, strives for complete guest satisfaction. With 10 self contained apartments, completed for all creature comfort, everything you'll ever need for diving, highly experienced staff ready to serve you at any time, you will stay at Blue Divers as Poseidon!

Aside from the amazing marine life, Bonaire also offers many other sights to see. Even above sealevel there is more than enough to be found like the beautiful nature for instance. You can get a good sence of our nature by visiting the Washington Slagbaai National Park. real nature lovers will enjoy their stay on Bonaire

So if you are looking for a relaxing diving vacation, Blue Divers is your place to be for wonderful diving adventures.

If you have any questions about the resort, the diving possibilities or Bonaire, contact us. Our staff is happy to please you.


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